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HTML CSS jQuery CMS development

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Paris Web

I'm a Web Developer with passion for web. I am specializing to create website to enhance your experience on the web.

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I am good at

I have a passion to make the best. I am improving my skills under different aspects.

  • React/react-redux
  • HTML
  • User Experience
  • Magento backend
  • Magento cms
  • nodejs
  • JS Integration tests
  • Task runner (grunt)
  • Versioning systems (git/svn)
  • Javascript(jQuery)
  • Javascript(Backbone)
  • CSS(boostrap)
  • Image Editing
  • php
  • Site optimization (server side/SEO/performance)
  • Hybris frontend
  • Hybris CMS
  • Hybris backend
  • jstl/jsp

My credential

At the moment i am working at Sopra Steria Italy.

  • Emanuele Parisio photo
    Emanuele Parisio

    Web Developer

    Founder and creator of this website.

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  • Hybris

    I'm working on hybris CMS frontend development and content creation management.

  • Magento

    I worked on magento community, from backend and store organization to frontend development.

  • Nodejs

    I worked on nodejs server with expressjs.

quote Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes Art is knowing which ones to keep quote

- Richard Johnson -


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Milano, Italy


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